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The Poet
by Sofiah Garrard & Emmanuel Williams



We are an online only art gallery, so you won’t find us in any high street in any town or city in the world!

And, 'because anything’s possible…', at Green Chair Gallery we bring you artworks from wherever we find them, irrespective of location.

So 'online only' really means without limits: for artists, art lovers and art collectors.

But you will see exhibitions, separate gallery 'rooms', and even on-line previews.  All taking place as if you had come to the gallery in your high street.

So come in, be welcome, and see the artworks and artists we are proud to present you to.

Currently Exhibiting

Intermission - ″Introductions‶ or re-″Introductions‶

Before our full exhibition for the Christmas-time period, there is time to remind you briefly of ″people‶ you may have already have met especially if you were with Green Chair Gallery almost three years ago. But don't blink since you could miss it!


An art gallery with local, inter-local, national and inter-national spread


As we race towards autumn 2018, and into the Christmas period, followed by the New Year 2019 we try hard to keep up with you and provide a range of stunning and varied work for you to enjoy.


First off, and during a brief "intermission" we'll have on show and for sale the book "Introductions" with collages by Sofiah Garrard illustrated by poems by Emmanuel Williams. You can buy the book and/or a selection of the collages themselves. Perfect Christmas presents - BUT the "intermission" IS only brief, so watch out for it!


Our intention is ALWAYS about seeking out high quality artworks to lighten, enlighten and raise the human spirit - and showing them to you.

So watch out for these themes and be prepared to be pleasantly surprised!



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