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Past Exhibition:
Personnes et Lieux
26/05/2018 to 29/06/2018

Room 1 - Armand Meffre

Past Exhibition: Personnes et Lieux

From: 26/05/2018
To: 29/06/2018

Armand Meffre was an artist born in Maubec (south east France), spending his first 25 years working on the land before moving to Paris where he was a successful actor in TV, cinema and on the stage. During all this time and for 60 years he was also a painter, filling his canvases with images of people he knew - other artists (including Picasso), actors and those from his own community. He later settled in the Yonne (North-West Burgundy) where his volume of work continued to expand. “People and Places” is a celebration of a life lived to the full, and with a legacy of 20th century French culture.

Exhibition Room 1 - Armand Meffre (Painter/ peintre)